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Bideford Triathlon

Two Moors 100 Sportive

Two Moors Sportive – 5 Aug 2018

Organised by Bideford Bridge Rotary Club

Links to the 100km and 100 mile routes are shown below:

100 mile link

100 km link


The routes will be marked with large YELLOW SIGNS (at least 0.5 x 0.4 metres) with black arrows indicating direction.  There will be a small ‘Rotary International’ logo (see above) on each arrow.

Where the 100 km riders leave the 100 mile route (just past Bratton Fleming and after the feed-station at Winkleigh) will be marked by large RED SIGNS until they  re-join the 100 mile route (at the South Molton feed-station and just south of Torrington) and follow yellow signs.

The signs will be put out the day before the event and will be re-checked on the day, but sadly, may not be Saturday-night-idiot-proof!

Key Directions

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the signage these are the key directions to get you out of the towns on the routes:

Barnstaple – From the A39, Alexandra Road, turn right at traffic lights on to Bear Road

South Molton – From the B3226/B3227, North Road, turn right on to Queen Street and within 50m turn right on to the B3226, South Street

Okehampton – From the B3260, Fore Street, turn right at traffic lights on to Market Street and on to Lodge Hill


There are three feed-stations:

1. In a lay-by off the A399 3 miles north of (before) South Molton, at 29.7 miles on the 100 mile route and at 25.6 miles on the 100 km route.

2. In Winkleigh Village Hall, at 50.5 miles on the 100 mile route and at 46.3 miles on the 100 km route.

3. 100 mile route only.  Off the road at Elmead Cross 1.2 north west of (after) Okehampton at 76.4 miles on the 100 mile route.